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Are you finding it hard to fall asleep at night? Are you tired of waking up suddenly at the middle of the night with no specific reasons? Worry no more because while you might find it difficult to control the factors that intrude your sleep, there is a great possibility that you can adopt some factors that encourage a happy deep sleep.

Cheers! It’s time to be happy again with a better deep sleep.

How to get a better deep sleep

How to get a better deep sleep

Light Exposure At Bedtime
Sometimes, sleep deprivation is not caused by stigmatization disorder or any other health issues. It can however be cause by certain habits of yours.

Light exposure can impairs ones quality of sleep. Therefore, the light in your room should be reduce in other to have a better deep sleep.

Be Conscious Of What You Eat Or Drink

Secondly, if you want to have a better deep sleep, you must definitely avoid caffeine. Don’t go to bed hungry or stuffed and also avoid heavy meals at Bedtime.

Limit Daytime Naps

Sleeping during the day can hinder effective sleep at night. However, if you choose to nap, nap for 30minutes or an hour.

Avoid Sharing Beds.

In other to get a better deep sleep, you might want to stop sharing your bed, either with human or four legged.

Sharing your bed reduce the quality of good sleep if your bed partner snores, hijacked the cover or crowd you. That will make you uncomfortable and hindered your happy sleep.

Follow a healthy sleeping pattern.

Fifth on list of how to get a better deep sleep is to follow a sleeping pattern.
Get to the habit of going to bed and waking up at a similar times.

Avoid Alcohol.

Alcohol increase the symptoms of snoring and disrupted sleeping patterns. Having a couple of alcohol at night can negatively affect your sleep.

Having a relaxing shower.

You want to get a better deep sleep? Taking a relaxing shower might be the next best thing to do .

Get a comfortable sleeping environment.

Additionally, sleeping in a noisy environment can affect ones sleep. Your bed quality matters in having a better sleep.

Clear your mind.

Yes, clear your mind. Clear it before going to bed.

Visit a doctor.

If all the tips listed above is not effective then you might need to visit your doctor.

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  1. Ehn. I learnt something new. Sharing bed with someone can reduce the quality of good sleep if the person kick the other party. Hmmm. More knowledge Shakirah

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