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Confidence – the ability, power, feeling to be sure about your own efficiency to do things and be successful. Having self confidence can bring many benefits at home, place of work and even within relationships. This article will subsequently discuss how to build self confidence.

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First on the list of how to build self confidence is to be intentional about it. Are you sure you really want to gain self confidence? If yes, then you are good to go.


The second step to building self confidence is to be specific. What exactly do you want to be confident in? In other to tame this demon, you need to identify it. Are you to be confident in public speaking, or you want to be confident enough to start a new life. Take a moment and identity where you want to be more confidence.

Once you get specific, it won’t feel overwhelming as you will have something tangible to tackle.


Now, you must have identify where you need to be more confidence, the next thing is to be true to yourself. You are you, you are not everyone else, understand who you are and value yourself, love who you are. And, this is a great step to being confident.


Another on the steps on how to build self confidence is comparison. It is quite similar to the latter.

Don’t compare yourself, comparison is a killer of joy. Lack of confidence is build from the gap in where you see yourself and where you think you should be. No matter where you are, you are definitely doing well.


Now, you must wondering how building self confidence is related to taking care of your body.
But, you need to know that in building self confidence, taking care of your body is important.
There is always this confidence that comes in when you are taking good care of your body.

Study shows that eating well comes with some kind of self confidence and self esteem. Sleep and Rest!


Another tips on how to build self confidence is to be positive. Belief in yourself, practice saying you can do it, to yourself.

Giving yourself a self talk can help improve your abilities and strengthen your confidence.

However, even if you fail or make mistakes, do not beat yourself, treat yourself with kindness. To err is human, tell yourself that you fail today and will win tomorrow.


Furthermore, in building self confidence, it is important to pay attention to how your friends make you feel. Are you with friends that really got your back? or you are with those that encourage you or those that degrade or discourage you?

In other words, the people you spend time with influence your mind, thoughts and attitude more than you can imagine.

Be sure to surround yourself with positive minded people, those who cheer you up, love you and want the best for you.


Ultimately, the best way to build self confidence is to face your fears. Try to make an experiment of that fear of yours.

You are afraid of public speaking, try speaking publicly today! even if it has to be between your circle or colleagues, try doing it today.
Honestly, it might not be perfect but you have got to start from somewhere.

You ain’t alone, you are smart, you are great and you can do it. Don’t sit back, do it, now!

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  1. In my opinion, confidence is a difficult thing o, to stand in the presence of dozens or thousands of people to give a speech is a big thing. But, mehn, man gat to overcome the fear and face the crowd with CONFIDENCE . May Allah help us. Ameen

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