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“No medicine cures what happiness cannot” Gabriel Garcia Marquez
“Be healthy and take care of yourself, but be happy with the beautiful things that make you, you” Beyonce. How to be happy again. 

How to be happy again

Happiness is an essential ingredient of life. What makes us happy differ. At this moment, you may be asking yourself how to be happy again. Do you need to find your soul mate to be happy? or get that job you’ve always long for or maybe go on a vacation?

Majority believes that a lot of money brings happiness however they are a lot of unhappy wealthy people out there.
In most cases, happiness is not base on circumstance, it’s something you learn, it’s a cause to acquire.

The best you can do for yourself now is to learn how to be happy naturally. Happiness is not something that happen when you meet your soulmate, get a new job or even a change a place of residence. It’s a skill that require much practice, just like any other skills. If you fail to practice happiness now, if you fail to learn how to be happy again now, you may not be happy no matter the changes that happen to your life.

In other words, whatever challenges or trial you’re going through now, try to be happy. who knows, that happiness might make you accomplish your dreams. The most important skill you will ever obtain in life is happiness.

Below are 9 proven hacks on how to be happy again.


First, you have to give yourself a confidence boost, believe that you can do it successfully. Believe that you can be happy again.
Begin your boost of confidence by being grateful, express gratitude and appreciate even the smallest things.


In contrary, if you don’t boost your confidence, saying “no” might be quiet difficult. Stop sacrificing yourself for others, when you are hurt let them know.
If you can’t do what you are ask to do, learn to say no. If possible try say it politely for more understanding. Seek your own happiness, be happy again.


The third proven hack on how to be happy again is to acknowledge the unhappy moments. When you’re hurt, make mistake, got some bad news, don’t pretend to be happy. Acknowledge the moment of unhappiness, then move pass it, let the moment pass and take care of yourself. Happiness does not last forever, so is sadness.


Most importantly, smile. The next time you find yourself feeling down, try to crack a smile. Smiling causes the brain to release dopamine, which makes us happier. Smiling at the mirror every morning may boost your happiness for the day.


Furthermore, being outdoor rather than indoor every time can boost your happiness and help relieve stress.

Talk a walk down the street, go to the park, some medical doctors even claim that observing nature can make one happy.


Sixth on the proven life hacks on how to be happy again, is being mindful of what you consume. What you consume on this table does not only have to do with what you eat but also what you read, see and the people you associate yourself with.

In addition, you may have it hard to be happy again if you associate yourself with those who does not care about your happiness. Be mindful of what you read and what you surf on the internet.


In other words, be kinder to people. Express more kindness to people around you, this make you more happy because you feel proud of yourself. Making other people smile is one of the best way to make yourself smile too.


Okay, you’re feeling lonely? You don’t have who to go out with, well who says you can’t go out by yourself. Go to your favourite places, even if you are socially awkward, spending some time alone can help you reconnect of things that truly make you happy. You deserve to be happy again.


To conclude the list of proven hack on how to be happy again, is to let go of grudges. No you don’t need to do it for the other person, you need to do it for yourself, for your own happiness.

In other words, stop harboring resentment or ill will towards others. You don’t necessary have to reconcile, you may just need to end the relationship and move on. Do it for you, do it for your own happiness.

It’s time to move on, it’s time to be happy again.

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