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Is over sleeping bad? Health risks

Not surprising, too much of everything is bad. This concept also apply to sleeping too much as well. Sleeping is one of the ways to relax and calm one’s mind or health. Getting too little of it can lead to …


How to get a better deep sleep

Are you finding it hard to fall asleep at night? Are you tired of waking up suddenly at the middle of the night with no specific reasons? Worry no more because while you might find it difficult to control the …


5 Benefits Of Eating Healthy Breakfast Everyday

Breakfast as it is called is the most essential meal of the day for some good reasons. As the name suggests, breakfast breaks the overnight fasting period. A lot of studies has shown that breakfast help boost energy, the ability …


Why do people snore;7reasons

How embarrassing is it when you were suddenly wake at the middle of the night to stop sleeping simply because you are disrupting your bed partner with your snore. How embarrassing is it to get tease by friends and family …


How to get rid of bad breath; causes

You know that moment when what you eat, like pepper or food get stuck at the front of your teeth sh; usually harmless but so awkward that nobody will tell you about it. This type of situation is similar to …


What does Sadistic mean; Sadist

There is a general misconception about the word “sadist” in our society. Some people believe that the word”Sadist” is a descriptive word for someone who is always sad. It is however important to note that a Sadist does not refer …


7 Healthy heart habits

Health serves a critical function, taking care of it should be important everyone. Fortunately, there are several habits to cultivate to achieve healthy heart. In this article, 7 of healthy heart habits has been discussed. 7 HEALTHY HEART HABITS. EXERCISE …


Mental illness signs you should not ignore

MLife is not so easy this days. The up and down and the challenges of life will make one asked oneself a question like “Hope, i’m not going through any mental illness” who knows you might be, and again, you …


9 Health benefits of dates

Dates have been in existence for long. It can be traced back to the BC. They are one of the most consumed fruits in middle east. It has an historical significance that is traced to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, …



The word “depressed” is excessively used. Someone may say that he/she is “depressed” when they’re just having a bad day, another may use words like “it’s depressing” when something out of ordinary happens. How to know if you are depressed. …