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Self esteem is the confidence that one has in oneself. It is the overall sense of one’s value. Self esteem is your opinion about yourself. Low self esteem is having less confidence in yourself. Believing that you’re not worth enough, not valuable, not lovable is low self esteem.
Self esteem does not only encompasses how you treat yourself but also how you allow others treat you. 6 signs of low self esteem.

6 signs of low self esteem
6 Signs of low self esteem have been discuss in this article.

1. Procrastination on your passion. We all procrastinate in one way or the other. But, the red flag here is procrastinating on what you have passion for.
A person with low self esteem does not trust him/herself with their important goals.
A person with low self esteem often find it difficult to pursue their passion.

2. You rely on others to feel better.  Another sign of low self esteem is that you rely on others to feel better. Others opinion about you matter to you. Of course, nothing is wrong with seeking advice or support but it is so unwise to rely on it. Don’t expect much from others.

3. Taking compliment is difficult for you. The third on the list of signs of low self esteem is that a person with low self esteem find it difficult to accept compliments.

When others compliment you, you feel like they are telling lies or you think you don’t deserve it. If you do it, work on it, it is a sign of low self esteem.

4. You always apologize. Again, you apologize for everything especially situations where you have no control over.
This is a dangerous sign of low self esteem that you should beware of.
It’s important to know what you are apologizing for.

5. Your Posture Is Bad. Bad posture is another sign of low self esteem(note that bad posture can be according to certain disorder) It is a sign of not feeling confidence.
Your body language speak a lot about you.

6. Lastly, you criticize others. A person with low self esteem usually criticize others in other to feel good. Not that they are better but it is as a result of being intimidated by such person.

Do you think you have a low self esteem?
Are all or some of the signs listed above part of what you do? Then, you may be suffering from low self esteem. You need to be happy again.

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