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Why do people snore;7reasons

How embarrassing is it when you were suddenly wake at the middle of the night to stop sleeping simply because you are disrupting your bed partner with your snore. How embarrassing is it to get tease by friends and family …


How to be happy again

“No medicine cures what happiness cannot” Gabriel Garcia Marquez “Be healthy and take care of yourself, but be happy with the beautiful things that make you, you” Beyonce. How to be happy again.  Happiness is an essential ingredient of life. …


How to get rid of bad breath; causes

You know that moment when what you eat, like pepper or food get stuck at the front of your teeth sh; usually harmless but so awkward that nobody will tell you about it. This type of situation is similar to …


11 Psychological happy fun facts

Happiness depends on you. 40% of your happiness level is in your control. Of course, there are many counter intuitive things that bring us happiness. Things that can bring happiness to our lives will be thoroughly explain in the upcoming …


What does Sadistic mean; Sadist

There is a general misconception about the word “sadist” in our society. Some people believe that the word”Sadist” is a descriptive word for someone who is always sad. It is however important to note that a Sadist does not refer …


Overcoming Challenges; How to overcome challenges

Challenge is a natural circumstances in life. We all have gone through hardship in our lives at some point and billions of people out there are currently going through one challenge or the other. Whether it is your career, your …